Guardian Music Weekly Podcast

I’m recording a guest spot on the Guardian’s Music Weekly Podcast tomorrow, with Dan Hancox and Rosie Swash. So I’ve spent the whole morning trying to work out what the heck to take along as my singles club choice. In fact, I spent a fair few hours over the last few days pondering this, because all the music I like sounds quite different out of context and all by itself. Pop records can easily stand alone and you don’t need anything else before or after to make it make sense; it’s self-sustaining. But an amazing techno mix of a drum ‘n’ bass tune; or a bare-to-the-bones juke track (that’s also unspeakably filthy), or a new bit from a grime producer’s new free-to-download album just sounds a bit strange out there by itself, surrounded by conversation. And it didn’t help not to have any electricity for most of the morning. Out to Alan and Pat the electricians, sorting out my heaters.

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