NME Radio Show… Going Live

I’ve just got home from our first live broadcast of the Pick N Mix, the weekly radio show I’ve been doing on NME Radio since springtime (minus a short off-air hiatus). It went well. I even managed not to laugh when I accidentally said ‘buttocks’ instead of ‘Botox’, but for that I blame people who choose a ridiculous artist name.

I think I sounded pretty nervous to start with but it didn’t last long. And it helps to be so happy about the music: SBTRKT, White Car, DJ Shadow, Oneotrix Point Never, The Bug, Sade, Pinch, Jamie Woon and Twin Sister all got a spin, as well as a really good interview with !!! that managed to cover The Bee Gees, Berlin and a new LA scene called ‘jerk’, and a seriously good piece with Mikey Dread from Channel One on how to build the perfect soundsystem.

I can’t put it up on Mixcloud ’til next week because the file’s too big and I need to split it. But it will go up soon.

And I’ll be there again next week, spending 7.30-8.00 pretending not to be nervous and drinking a lot of tea.

Pick N Mix tracklist 17/9/10

So, the show went out again on Friday night, with loads of new music and an interview with Jah Wobble, down at the Red Bull Studios. Some real favourites in this show: the Jamie Woon track is properly lovely (and I’ll be playing the Ramadanman mix in the new few weeks), and I’m a little bit head over heels for the VHS Head track. It made me draw for those old vvm and Cassetteboy 7″s where they cut Lionel Ritchie up and made him do bad things, and once released, after the event, a particularly edge-of-wrong track called Di and Dodi Do Die. There’s a also another Too Cool For Old School track, which is a regular on the show, where we select an old classic. This time it’s Laid Back (not scary Slovenian band Laibach, who I used to believe made records that would play themselves if you left them alone too long… well scary) and their post-disco early ’80s classic White Horse. The shows will be going up on Mixcloud soon, honest.

Jamie Woon – Night Air (Candent Songs)
Spokes – We Can Make It Out (Yppah Mix) (Counter Records)
Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer (Toro Y Moi Remix) (Static Tongues)
VHS Head – Sunset Everett (Skam)
Dels – Shapeshift (Kwes remix) (Ninja Tune)
Letherette – In July Focus (Ho Tep)
Steve Mason – Just A Man (Studio Mix) (Domino)
Arkist and Komonazmuk – Outbreak (If Symptoms Persist)
Unicorn Kid – Wildlife (The Blessings Mix) (Cool Records)
Andras Fox, Sui Zhen and James Pants – Touch-N-Talk (Various Assets)
Pariah – Crossed Out (R&S)
Badness – Silencer (Teddy Productions)
Gang Gang Dance – Kamakura (Latitude)
Subeena – Wishful Thinking (Opit Records)
Apaloosa – Intimate (Glass Candy Mix) (Italians Do It Better)
Cooly G – Dis Boy (DVA Hi Emotions Remix) (DVA)
LV and Okmalumkoolkat – Boomslang (Hyperdub)
Laid Back – White Horse (Sire)
Scuba – Latch (Will Saul and Mike Monday Remix) (Hotflush)
Ramadanman – Bass Drums (Soul Jazz)
Foals – Spanish Sahara (Transgressive)

Jamie Woon

I still listen to the Burial mix of Wayfaring Stranger pretty regularly and Jamie Woon’s new release, Night Air, has that same weighty authority. Youtube clip here, though you’ll have to wait for the lush and lovely Ramadanman refix that you’ll find on the flip. Oh, and it’ll probably be opening my Friday night 8-10pm show on NME Radio next week.

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