RBMA at Amsterdam Dance Event

It’s 12.30 on Friday lunchtime, and I’m sitting in a shop- turned-radio studio on Spui, in Amsterdam. I’ve tried to pronounce Spuistraat in Dutch on a couple of occasions but can only get close in a way that sounds a bit like early ’80s English TV comedian Frank Spencer. Ah well.

I’m here for the annual Amsterdam Dance Event, helping to host a pop-up radio station for the duration of the event. We’re broadcasting on the rbma radio stream and on Dutch radio and we’re going to be here til Sunday. The basic idea is that DJs and musicians come by and play sets or do a live thing, and get interviewed by me or the redoubtably zen Emma-Jean, or one of the ultra capable Dutch radio team. So far that’s meant Kyle Hall sitting just out of view, talking about his Wild Oats label and rolling out an excellent line in charmingly sweary answers. It also meant the original Detroit gentleman passing though: it was quite nice, for me as an old-school Detroit fan, to have Kevin Saunderson (taller than I expected, wearing a heavy overcoat, lovely vibes), a visably cheery Juan Atkins and Carl Craig on the microphone, talking about the D25 tour, where they’re celebrating 25 years since the first Metroplex release back in 1985. Then to complete the Detroit circle, or at least add to it, Kenny Larkin came in yesterday and played a set so deeply banging that the elderly lady upstairs called the police.

Now all we need is Robert Hood, fedora in hand, to come in and play us some tunes.

Africa Hi-Tec, Mike Slott, James Pants and Kryptic Minds in today… will report back later. And if you’re in the area, come and say hoy.

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