NME Radio Show… Going Live

I’ve just got home from our first live broadcast of the Pick N Mix, the weekly radio show I’ve been doing on NME Radio since springtime (minus a short off-air hiatus). It went well. I even managed not to laugh when I accidentally said ‘buttocks’ instead of ‘Botox’, but for that I blame people who choose a ridiculous artist name.

I think I sounded pretty nervous to start with but it didn’t last long. And it helps to be so happy about the music: SBTRKT, White Car, DJ Shadow, Oneotrix Point Never, The Bug, Sade, Pinch, Jamie Woon and Twin Sister all got a spin, as well as a really good interview with !!! that managed to cover The Bee Gees, Berlin and a new LA scene called ‘jerk’, and a seriously good piece with Mikey Dread from Channel One on how to build the perfect soundsystem.

I can’t put it up on Mixcloud ’til next week because the file’s too big and I need to split it. But it will go up soon.

And I’ll be there again next week, spending 7.30-8.00 pretending not to be nervous and drinking a lot of tea.

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