Skream Guardian Music Weekly

I’m intervewing Skream tonight for The Guardian’s Music Weekly podcast, for an piece around the release of his new album.

You can hear the tracks he’s released as part of his Freeizm series here. I rang Rosie to find out what equipment I’d be using and she told me that they use a Flashmic.

Wow. What an incredible piece of technology. I’ve done more print than I have radio so I’m still getting my head around how to make sure an audio interview records properly. I’m guilty of recording interviews on my iPhone way too often but when you’re writing for print it doesn’t matter – as long as you’ve got it, that’s enough. But for broadcast you’ve got to check so many other things: what’s in the background, how’s the ambience, does it sound warm enough, is there a clock ticking in the background that will render the whole thing unplayable? It’s a whole different world.

I’ve been interviewing Skream on and off for the past four years, most recently when I wrote his biog, which you can read on my biogs page. I interviewed him on the couch at the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne back in 2006 right at the start of what became a massive dubstep odyssey. I wasn’t the only one: I know tens of people who had the same experience as me, of becoming fully immersed in that world in the most adrenalised, complete, fully-in-it way possible. Four years later, I’m interviewing him for a newspaper not as a leading artist in and up and coming scene, but as an artist with an NME cover and Top Ten hit under his belt with Magnetic Man and someone with massive international pull. Some things don’t change though: we are meeting in Croydon.

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